Episode 5

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14th Oct 2019

Self-Sabotage & My Plan to Overcoming It

  • Sometimes you are your biggest obstacle
  • Endless justifications
  • Giving yourself permission to stay the same
  • My self wants to stay the same because it's comfortable
  • Our modern lives condition us, more than ever, to seek & expect comfort
  • I've been the same weight for around 12 years
  • Excluding my internship at Google where I gained 30+ pounds, lost it, & plateaued again
  • I promise to tell that story in a future episode
  • When I zoom out & think about those 12 years, I'm comfortable weighing 280 pounds
  • Which sounds ridiculous to say out loud & publish on the web
  • When I zoom in on the day to day I am uncomfortable being overweight
  • When I was a kid I was worried I wouldn't be tall enough to ride a rollercoaster
  • As an adult I'm worried that I'm too overweight to ride a rollercoaster
  • So I have to ask my self, "why are you so comfortable being uncomfortable?" & "why are you protecting that short-term comfort from the long-term comfort?"
  • It's nonsensical & this week my self-sabotage came to life in the form of not training jiu jitsu
  • So I sat down to meditate, looking deeply into why I made these decisions & to see what I could learn about my self to overcome this form of sabotage in the future
  • I have plenty of justifications for why I didn't go to class, like I told you I would
  • We shipped a product update early Tuesday morning
  • I felt weak after being sick the week before, losing some momentum
  • We had a lot of meetings that required me to switch up my schedule & go to class at different times
  • So I listened to my inner saboteur, didn't uphold the commitment I made in last week's episode, & I didn't go
  • I also temporarily forgot why I'm doing all of this
  • It's not to loose 💯 pounds, that's a small part of my bigger reason
  • It's because I've committed to accomplishing the goal of going to Space
  • If Elon Musk had texted me & said, "we have a ticket for you next week" I would not be able to go
  • I'm getting ready now so I can go in the near future & I forgot that
  • Instead...
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